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And the winner is...
drjeff wrote in pdx_cupcakes
car bomb

Car Bombs, in a landslide. I kind of figured that would happen. :)

With that suspense out of the way, it's TIME TO ORDER. Here's the scoop: These are 25/dozen. If you want us to deliver, that's an extra 5. We'll accept orders until tomorrow afternoon, for pickup/delivery on Saturday afternoon. If you want less than a dozen, you'll have to arrange it with someone and do the splitting somewhere else. We're moving DOZENS, people. haha

Paypal is gladly accepted. My Paypal is set up to handle credit cards, too.

To order, contact us at Please be sure to include your LJ name.

Get 'em while you can... we haven't been doing a lot of "public" sales, so now's your chance!


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