And the winner is...
car bomb

Car Bombs, in a landslide. I kind of figured that would happen. :)

With that suspense out of the way, it's TIME TO ORDER. Here's the scoop: These are 25/dozen. If you want us to deliver, that's an extra 5. We'll accept orders until tomorrow afternoon, for pickup/delivery on Saturday afternoon. If you want less than a dozen, you'll have to arrange it with someone and do the splitting somewhere else. We're moving DOZENS, people. haha

Paypal is gladly accepted. My Paypal is set up to handle credit cards, too.

To order, contact us at Please be sure to include your LJ name.

Get 'em while you can... we haven't been doing a lot of "public" sales, so now's your chance!

Okay so here's the dealio!
It's on! We're baking this weekend and we want to know what to make. Here's where you come in.

Poll #1607369 Flavorama!

I hope that Sandi bakes:

Creamsicle (vanilla/orange)
Car bombs (Guiness stout cake, Bailey's buttercream)
Red velvet

If you're likely to order, let me know and I'll count your vote twice. At least.

I'll post what's cooking, er, baking, by tomorrow evening. We'll start taking weekend orders at that point.

car bomb

flavor pondering
So I have a birthday coming up in August. And so far, I'm getting plenty of hours, so I'm planning to treat myself to a dozen for my birthday. And I'm DYING to try the pomegranate icing - but having a hard time deciding what cake to pair it with. Suggestions welcome. :)

A++++ Would buy again!
I got married this weekend, in a most non-traditional, Portland way:  I was a pirate, my husband was a ninja, and a zombie performed the ceremony.  Barbecue reception beforehand.  So much fun!

I'd contacted drjeff about cupcakes for our big day - he sent me over the flavor list, and my ninja and I sat and tried to come up with flavors.  It was really, really, really hard to decide!

Finally, we settled on Banana chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting, Lemon cake with lime frosting, and Peppermint cake with chocolate frosting.  We were expecting between 75 and 85 guests, so we planned for 100 cupcakes - a pretty equal mix of all three flavors. 

I was a nervous bride, struggling my best not to be a bridezilla (and, I think, I succeeded!), but I got reassuring emails from Jeff about cupcake status... it was nice having one thing I knew was going to be exactly as expected.  They delivered them to the park, right when they said they would. 

The guests raved about the cupcakes!  My husband and I ordered two slightly larger ones for the two of us in the peppermint chocolate - it was a flavor explosion in my mouth, that first bite of cupcake fed to me...

An argument broke out between two of my guests over which cupcakes were better. Clearly, the lemon lime ones.  No, it has to be the peppermint ones...

I definitely have my vote on the banana chocolate chip ones, but the cupcakes we brought home tell a different story.  We ended up having way fewer people show up than RSVPs indicated we would (!) so we've got a lot of cupcakes sitting in the kitchen (still! They're coming to school with me tomorrow to get eaten up before they go bad by my classmates... everyone loves cupcakes!).  The lemon lime are the scarcest now, and we've got more banana than any of them, which is good for me but bad for my diet.

So, all of that to say, amazing cupcakes, amazing people, and I'm really glad that this was my wedding cake.  I may very well make this an annual thing, for the anniversary... but probably not 100 of them. :)

Hey, what the....
WOW, it has been forever and ever. Sorry 'bout that.

As you no doubt noticed, we've been a little quiet on the cupcake front. We just did a wedding yesterday, and we've got another coming up in a couple of weeks, but that's been about it. "Real life" has just been a bit too insistent. :)

So, here's the scoop. Please do stay tuned to this space, as we'll be offering up some groovy specials here and there. And, contact us at sistermarycupcake at gmail with any "special needs" you might have.

Other than that, we hope you're having a lovely "summer" (haha) and we look forward to seeing you around!

-jeff and sandi

Hey, consumers!!!!!

We were baking for a party and came up with a couple of mixed dozens for your enjoyment.

Mixed dozen #1: vanilla almond cake, chocolate cream cheese icing - 4
chocolate/orange cake, orange buttercream icing - 4
chocolate/orange cake, chocolate cream cheese icing - 4

Mixed dozen #2: vanilla almond cake, chocolate cream cheese icing - 5
chocolate/orange cake, orange buttercream icing - 5
chocolate/orange cake, chocolate cream cheese icing - 2

$25/dozen, $5 for delivery, and we want them gone NOW. :)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. sistermarycupcake at gmail, drjeff at gmail, or comment here.


Okay, quick deal o' the day.

IRISH CARBOMB CUPCAKES. Guiness chocolate cake, Bailey's buttercream frosting. 20/doz., 25 delivered.

LIMITED SUPPLY. Very limited.

For pickup or delivery tomorrow afternoon.

Comment here, email sistermarycupcake at gmail, GO.

EDIT: GONE!! Thanks! :)

Wanna trade???
Hey, you! Prepare yourselves...

it's SisterMaryCupcake's first-ever BARTER FRENZY!

We're still figuring out exactly how it's going to work, but what it comes down to is:
- We bake cupcakes
- You offer something to trade for said cupcakes
- We swap. Win/win!

We'll be back soon with details. Just wanted to tantalize you for now!

car bomb

(no subject)
kihei akahi

These beautiful creations were baked by the lovely and talented sistermaryeris they were sent to me yesterday. I've been wanting to try her cupcakes for so long but since we haven't come up with a reasonably priced solution for mailing cupcakes we thought scones would travel a-ok. And they did!
These are cheddar/bacon/scallion scones. All together now...

They had the perfect combination of smoky bacon and cheese and scallion... I popped mine in the microwave for 10 seconds and then slathered it in a bit of Earth Balance buttery spread... mmmm so good! One warning about scones in general: I don't think they're really meant to be eaten cold... every scone I've had is a bit too dry when eaten cold but once warmed up a bit they are perfect. I will toast the next one I eat, because I prefer a bit of crunch to my scones. But they were delightful and I wholeheartedly recommend them :) And hey--thanks drjeff for being the go-between. I know you like that kinda thing :D

I wonder...
My mom's all time favorite thing in the world is banana cream cake. But she hasn't had it in YEARS. Her birthday is in May, so it's a ways away, but I want to plan this in advance.

Now, I could very easily order a banana cream cake from Beaverton bakery, but I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to create a cupcake version? Because I think that would be more fun.


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