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If you like Pina Coladas...
drjeff wrote in pdx_cupcakes
... and stuffing your face, then you are IN LUCK.

pina colada cupcakes

It's baking time - delicious pina colada cupcakes with pineapple and coconut, plus li'l umbrellas - $25/dozen. 5 extra bones for delivery anywhere in the Portland metro area, within reason. :)

Yes, the same cupcakes that were raved about by someone who just gave birth - and you KNOW how picky new moms are!

They'll be ready Saturday afternoon for pickup or delivery. First come, first served, as we'll be baking a limited amount. Contact us here or at sistermarycupcake at gmail.


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omg omg omg... I LOVE coconut and am going to *seriously* consider giving these to myself for a b-day present. They'll keep for a week, won't they?

Oh, who am I kidding. They'll NEVER last that long, anyway! LOL!!

We are talking tomorrow, right? Not a week from tomorrow.

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